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Chris Henley Brings First-hand Experience to Houses of Worship

Chris Henley, National Business Development Manager in Phoenix, Arizona.


PHOENIX (August 14, 2020) – Leading audiovisual systems integrator E1 Audiovisual Technologies, is pleased to bring Chris Henley, E1 National Business Development Manager to the attention of Houses of Worship – especially those looking to enhance remote-based member outreach.

Chris has been a part of the Arizona AV industry for nearly 30 years, seeing it from all sides: as an end-user, an integrator and an independent AV product representative. He joined the E1 team in March of this year.

Through those years – and even in prior years – Chris has developed a deep understanding and appreciation for supporting the audiovisual needs of Houses of Worship.

“I grew up in the Midwest attending a very large church and started volunteering in junior high and high school,” Chis said. “In college, I mixed sound and managed recruitment music groups and, in the summers, worked for my father’s music production company. That was all foundational for my first job out of college as a full-time technical production director at a large church here in Arizona.”

Chris noted that he and others on the E1 team have special relationships with Houses of Worship. “Several of us here volunteer our professional services in our respective churches,” Chris said. “Every week we are using our AV system expertise in furthering ministries.”

Ever since Chris joined E1, COVID-19 has made AV technology an acute need for most Houses of Worship. He said he is finding many are relying on their website and streaming services to stay connected to their communities and congregations for a type of corporate worship.

“We just finished an installation at a Scottsdale church that is brand new to streaming,” Chris said. “Their solution included three PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras and a control. I’m working with another church in Sedona with a new streaming platform that allows simultaneous streams to their website along with other sites so their viewers can use the platform or app of their choice. They will be using a PTZ camera with the added flexibility of a POV (point of view) camera.”

While COVID has made enhanced audiovisual capabilities critical for many Houses of Worship, Chris points out the needs go beyond technology – which he sums in one word – “volunteers.”

“Technology can’t do everything. Operators are needed for everything – sound, lighting, media, video. They all require volunteers,” Chris said.

And Chris should know. It’s what got him started in his life’s work.


About E1 Audiovisual Technologies

Established in 1997, Phoenix, Arizona-based E1 Audiovisual Technologies is recognized throughout the country as a leader in the design, engineering, integration and support of audiovisual and videoconferencing systems. With more than 2,200 system implementations nationwide, E1 partners with architects, general contractors and directly with clients in providing AV solutions that deliver style, impact and results.




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