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Unique Digital Recording Capabilities

As an AV systems integrator, we are always looking at what technologies, such as digital recording, best match up to a project’s specific requirements. We may use technology A for one project, competing technology B for another project and technology C for yet a different application.

Occasionally, we like to give a shout-out to technology solutions that are doing something a little different. Not that they’re better than competing technologies, just different in a way that might pique a user’s interest.

Which is the case with the Liberty Court Reporting Suite from High Criteria.

In addition to Liberty, ExhibitOne actively implements and supports all of the industry’s major digital recording applications including FTR (For the Record), JAVS and VIQ Solutions. All very solid, full-featured solutions.

Interesting Features Within Liberty Court Reporting Suite

We thought you might be interested in Liberty’s “export to PDF” capability, which is found in its included Player application. It is ideal for collecting and inserting the entire proceeding record so it can be added into a case management system for longer-term archiving.

Digital Recording converted to pdf

Once you export to PDF, the audio and optional video can be played back, without the need for a specialized player program. The PDF has the original recording (audio or both audio and video) fully embedded along with cue points and notes. A user just clicks the green icons to jump the recording playback to the desired position.

Aid for Real-Time Transcription

We also like what Liberty does to promote highly efficient use of the transcription pool for real-time transcription.

By default, the system records a single file of all the audio, optional video channels and bookmarks (log notes or metadata), which allows for easy transfer of the entire proceeding. But, independent of that file, the Liberty Court Reporting Suite creates an independent second recording file of the same recording which is split into user-defined time segments that is immediately available for real-time transcription.

Multi-Instance Digital Recording

A recent feature addition to the Liberty solution is multi-instance recording. This allows up to 16 independent recorders to record up to eight audio channels and one channel of video each – all on a standard Windows PC or Windows server. Each recorder can be controlled independently either directly or using the Liberty Network Monitor application.

While multi-instance dramatically reduces hardware, maintenance and operating systems licensing costs, High Criteria takes it one step further. With its primary recorder license comes a second license at no cost. This second license enables users to operate a mirror recorder as a failover system.

For courts, police departments, government agencies and similar users, digital recording is a mission critical application that can’t fail. Period. Liberty, FTR, JAVS and VIQ Solutions all deliver. And yet, each has its unique capabilities that will appeal to the different needs of different users.

If digital recording is important to you and you want to be sure you have the application that best meets your needs, you have two options:

  1. Wait until we have written a blog about each of these solutions, or

  2. Give us a call and tell us about the critical requirements your digital recording solution must meet. And then sit back as we provide you with everything you should know about the best digital recording solutions in the industry.


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