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Digital Signage. It’s Time to Recalibrate Your Thinking.

We believe one of the best uses of AV technology, and yet the most underutilized, is digital signage.

For the most part, digital signage design has been delegated to advertising. And that’s just the point. Advertisers love digital signage. It works. It makes information impactful, engaging and exciting. It sells.

Can you say as much about whatever you are using to communicate to employees, guests, customers, students or the general public? Whether it’s communicating news, directions, greetings, warnings, general information, etc. – hands down, digital signage is the way to do it. As we all know that technology is making a positive impact in the business world, it is important for us not to forget about methods such as yard signs, banners, posters and even car magnets that can also help create brand awareness and could potentially be a promotional goldmine. If this is something you want to look more into, it may be worth you knowing that Super Cheap Signs makes some of the nicest custom car magnets, where you’ll be able to find what suits both you and your business needs. Advertising is such a large part of any business, regardless of the industry.

So, what’s holding digital it back? Maybe it’s the term itself. People may be thinking of the Wall Street-like electronic banners with words and symbols scrawling across. Or maybe people think it’s a lot of work on top of existing communications efforts such as websites and social media.

It’s time to recalibrate.

Digital signage displays can be monitors of just about any size, shape and resolution. If the brilliance and razor-sharp imagery of a 4K monitor doesn’t get someone’s attention…nothing will. If there’s concern about developing and deploying content, then we have just one word for you: SpinetiX.

SpinetiX is the world’s leading provider of end-to-end digital signage solutions, including powerful widgets, hardware, software and security. The Switzerland-based company creates an entire ecosystem that isn’t bogged down by subscription fees or per-screen license fees.

Here are some of the reasons why we think SpinetiX can make a believer out of anyone not yet sold on the benefits of digital signage.

Widgets – SpinetiX has about 250 of them. Widgets provide immediate signage functionality for a broad range of information needs, including connecting to calendars, media, spreadsheets, social feeds as well as interactivity capabilities for gathering user feedback and wayfinding. Additionally, the solution can integrate with third-party data sources like weather, traffic, financial news, etc.

Hardware – Users have the option of three media players scaled by type of user – from small businesses to large-scale enterprise-level deployments. For smaller organizations, the company’s DIVA digital signage player is pretty much plug-and-play. It includes nine web-based apps for creating custom content and a web-based interface for use anywhere.

Software – SpinetiX offers is Elementi digital signage software for its more robust media players. It supports 20 languages and enables multiple content creators to work on the same project. In addition to typical digital signage, it powers content for use with video walls, interactive kiosks (like the products available from KIOSK) and live streaming.

Security – Anything that sits on your network has to be absolutely secure. Beyond cyber-attacks interfering with the use of your digital signage, the digital signage itself can also be used to attack other IT infrastructure. Without getting too far into the weeds, the SpinetiX media players are driven by embedded firmware that governs how the device is functioning and provides low-level control, monitoring and data manipulation of the SpinetiX device. Any firmware that is not supplied by SpinetiX will not install on the SpinetiX player, which ensures complete security from malicious code. OK. Too far into the weeds. More simply – it’s secure.

As mentioned earlier, advertisers are just killing it with digital signage. If it’s helping them sell their products and services, just think what it can do in getting your information across to those you want to inform. And when you power your digital signage with SpinetiX – well – it’s a game-changer.


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