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Ensuring AV Equipment Works 100 Percent of the Time

Click.” Nothing.

“Now, why is it every time I go to use the projector the bulb is burned out?” wonders the CEO as he attempts to preview his board presentation.

Sound familiar? Ever happen to you?

Although very cliché, it’s true. There IS an app for that. And it does a LOT more than just ensure projectors throughout your company are always ready for the next presentation.

The “app” in this case is software that can be deployed on your servers or accessed through the cloud. Typically this type of application can monitor AV device utilization, provide reports, track peripheral diagnostics (such as projector lamp hours) and notify when devices are on or offline.

At ExhibitOne, we are very excited by the capabilities that our long-time vendor partner Crestron brings to this enterprise-wide device management capability.

Their software solution is aptly called “Fusion” and it comes in a couple of flavors:

Fusion RV™ (RoomView®) is their AV and technology management solution.

Fusion EM™ (energy management) goes beyond AV to monitor, measure, manage and control energy utilization throughout a building. As a market leader, Crestron has developed many components for building automation and has worked with other manufacturers to incorporate Fusion technology into their equipment, which ensures interoperability right out of the box.

Our focus right now though, is Fusion RV. Here are just some of the reasons why we like it:

Analytics – It provides you with insight on what spaces are seeing high traffic and equipment usage, which allows for smart resource load balancing.

Automation – Among its many automation capabilities, Fusion RV can shutdown spaces that may otherwise be left on overnight, over the weekend or for who knows how long.

Preventative maintenance – The system can send a report with detailed failures before a single person knows of any issues. This eliminates embarrassing broken equipment or, eh hem, burned out bulbs.

Additionally, Fusion RV facilitates room scheduling, enables remote help desk capability and even broadcast messaging – an emergency preparedness feature that automatically and instantly broadcasts emergency information across every Fusion-connected device.

And, as they say, “there’s much more.”

To help keep your CEO and other users out of the dark, call ExhibitOne. See how Fusion can help you manage your AV resources, so every “click” comes with the assurance everything is in working order – 100 percent of the time. Just the way you like it.


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