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Finding Your Way in a Digital Age

Here I am. But, where do I go now?

Millions of people are asking this very question every day at airports, shopping centers, sporting events, hotels, office buildings, government buildings – you name it. Any time there’s more than one hallway, doorway, service window or entrance/exit – the question is going to get asked, “Where do I go?”

The answer? Digital signage.

It provides would-be lost souls with compelling, interactive ways for obtaining information. While incredibility simplistic in not requiring any explanation for its use, digital signage technology makes a big statement about those who make it available.

Where do I go now? Well, as an example, digital signage can answer that question by letting you locate your ultimate destination on a floor plan and then illuminate the digital pathway to your endpoint. It is as simple as that.

Implementing a digital signage solution throughout a building or campus can be almost as easy. Here at ExhibitOne, we make sure of it.

Our clients tell us about the purpose of the signage and choose the content they want to have displayed. The content can be announcements, wayfinding, event schedules, news and weather updates, data feeds, PowerPoint, video files, streaming and cable feeds. Anything, really.

Our team of engineers then creates an embodiment of work that best reflects the options presented by our client. Every bit of it is done in a high-scale, crisp, digital resolution that will attract the user to take part in the information being displayed.

And, it’s done.

Beyond the positive image and huge benefits to visitors, we are seeing many companies move to this form of information deployment in response to the growing pressure for greener work environments. It saves paper and the associated time and energy needed to create, distribute and dispose of printed materials.

Additionally, digital signage also creates an opportunity for advertising space and a potential source of revenue that was never there before.

Where do I go now? Let digital signage be your guide.


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