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Rocking Your AV Like It’s 1999

If you have ever gone out looking at homes and stopped by an open house, maybe you can relate. You go through the front door and find yourself in a time warp. The home’s furnishings, decor, appliances, paint, etc. instantly take you back a decade or two (or three).

We often experience the same sensation when we help building owners and leasing companies make AV-related tenant improvements to entire buildings and newly-leased spaces. Quite often, the vacated space looks like the departed companies were busy using their audiovisual equipment like it was 1999.

We get it. It’s just like the open house. When the family first moved in, everything was probably modern and up to date. Time moved along. Everyone was comfortable. Why fix things that are not broken? Which is why you see a beige phone still hanging on the kitchen wall near the trash compactor. If the original occupants moved to a new home, they would be shocked by all they missed.

Same with companies that start looking at new lease space. Compared to their current office, they immediately see just how dated their working environment has become.

Which begs the question, “Why wait for a move to freshen things up?”

We just finished a small project for a client who chose not to wait. Out went their projectors and a couple of aging screens. In their place, a couple of 90-inch monitors with presenter confidence monitors. Wow! What a difference.

Beyond visual impact and stunning resolution, that kind of upgrade comes with all sorts of possibilities such as extraordinary sound, touch-panel control for everything in the room and wireless connectivity, letting guests connect to monitors without accessing the corporate network.

Today’s technology is also driving a whole different approach to space utilization. Back in the day, big conference rooms were quite the deal. However, modern work environments call for much smaller and more numerous huddle and collaboration spaces. Rather than tying up equipment in a conference room, smaller footprint AV technology including videoconferencing can be placed throughout a facility for high utilization and productivity.

Looking at your current facility, you might think, “There’s no way we can create and equip a bunch of small meeting areas.” And all I can say is, “You might be surprised.”

Who knows, once you move out, we may be the company that’s transforming your time-warped office space. We will make it state-of-the-art with the latest AV design and technology…for the new tenant.

So, let me ask again. “Why wait for a move to freshen things up?”


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