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There’s More to This Business Than Technology

Every once in a while, we like to give a shout-out to a new, exciting AV technology that we see coming down the road.

Our engineers just love that kind of thing.

But there’s something they like even better, which makes this shout-out long overdue.

Our engineers are all in on technologies that are 100 percent reliable, secure and at one with a company’s IT infrastructure. Whether it’s components or a fully integrated solution, our friends at Crestron Electronics knock it out of the ballpark.

Crestron has been a major player in the AV industry since 1971. Their office automation and communications technologies range from control systems to collaborative technologies to unified communications products. The company sports more than 300 patents. In fact, it’s estimated 90 percent of all Fortune 500 companies have some type of Crestron-based solution in their facilities.

And while we appreciate Crestron’s great tech, our shout-out is for their outstanding customer experience…ours and yours. As an example, our Arizona clients will appreciate Crestron’s commitment to local businesses with its Phoenix-based demonstration center. Rather than a voice over the phone, or getting a response to an email, Crestron is here in person, helping us, helping you, face-to-face.

The demonstration center has been here for more than a decade.

Inside are Crestron’s technicians ready to help.

Inside are Creston’s trainers, training hundreds of technicians every year.

Inside are all of Crestron’s latest innovations, connected, working and ready for your inspection. Try them out and get all your questions answered. Face-to-face.

As an example, the facility is completely driven by Crestron’s powerful and fully integrated room scheduling platform. If you have ever thought about taking your room scheduling capabilities to the next level, let us know. It’s just one of many technologies that Crestron and ExhibitOne would enjoy having you experience at the demonstration center.

And it’s just one example of Crestron’s investment in outstanding customer experiences for Arizona businesses. Who else in our industry has a demonstration center right in your back yard?

We just love that kind of thing.


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