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Visioning. It’s Like Imagineering, but Different.

Imagination + Engineering = Imagineering ®

While Walt Disney owns the trademark to the term “Imagineering,” the concept is very much a part of ExhibitOne. But, our formula is a bit different and we sum up our equation with the word “Visioning.”

Here’s why.

Most conversations with prospects start with what the prospect knows. They know they need to give presentations in their conference room (as an example). They know their current AV equipment isn’t up to the task (or they don’t have any equipment at all). They also know they want the best conference room AV system for the money that will let them do A, B and C.

And, if those needs are met…they are quite satisfied.

People Often Don’t Know What They Don’t Know

But often, prospects don’t know what they don’t know. They have no idea how much opportunity they are leaving on the table by being content with A, B and C.

Which is why we ask THE question…“what if?

What if a different configuration also gave the ability to do D, E, F, G and H?

What if an extra $1,000 here, could save $10,000 there? A year?

What if spending the extra $1,000 today would expand the utilization of this space by a broader range of people, producing a higher ROI?

What if the design that is submitted today could also accommodate future technology? (This is achieved by having necessary infrastructure to allow for scalability and equipment to be added in the future.)

When you hear the words “what if?” – that’s the sound of ExhibitOne Visioning hard at work asking questions about a prospect’s business, operations, infrastructure, budgets, goals, etc. Now and in the future.

Our team lives AV solutions every day. They have the training, experience and imagination to ask the questions that can help open people’s eyes and minds to “outside-of-the-box” thinking.

Visioning isn’t a service we sell. Just like the Disney team, it’s what we do. Every opportunity runs a gauntlet of “what ifs,” whether a client knows exactly what they want or hasn’t a clue.

Ironically, people who know they don’t know what they don’t know, often end up making the most fully informed and knowledgeable AV decisions, thanks to ExhibitOne Visioning.

ExhibitOne’s Formula for Visioning

That’s why, with all due respect to Walt Disney’s Imagineering, our formula is a bit different.

Questions + Imagination + Engineering = Visioning. It’s what produces creative ideas for meeting and exceeding client needs in a practical manner.


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