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Your Conference Room is Like an Aircraft. What else?

When you take a look at your conference room, I’ll bet you’re looking at it in the same frame of mind as you would if you were looking at an aircraft.

The aircraft? It flies. What else would you expect it to do? And the conference room? Hey, meetings are held in there. What else would you do with it?

Conference rooms are like aircraft. We know ‘em when we see ‘em. We know what they do. And day after day, that’s exactly how we use them, never asking, “what else?”

But then, there are those who look at things differently. It turns out, the vision of flight isn’t what comes to everyone’s mind when they see an aircraft.

Some see a hotel.

A home.

A boat.

Office lighting.

Even furniture.

So, what about that conference room of yours? When it’s time to upgrade its audiovisual technology and/or furnishings, are you asking, “what else?” Can you envision it being anything different from what you basically see today?

Most people can’t. They see it through the filter of what has always been.

Quite often we can. We see it through a filter…a process actually…of what we call “visioning.”

We start from scratch, unencumbered by what is and what used to be. Our systems engineers take a look at what you would like to achieve, all of the technologies available to help you achieve it, and the various designs and configurations that can comfortably accommodate everything and everyone.

Visioning may not be as radical as turning a jet engine into a chair, but it will give you a new perspective on an old space. Who knows? Maybe that conference room could really be a multimedia theater. Maybe it could be three rooms that can be converted into one. Maybe it doesn’t need to be a room at all. And then again, perhaps it really is a matter of just updating everything.

But, you never know until you ask, “what else?” After all, if a Boeing 727 can become a house, what else can your conference room be? It turns out, the sky is the limit.


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