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No More Excuses for not Having a Meeting Room Booking Solution

Let’s face the facts about meeting rooms:

  1. Meetings get cancelled; room reservations do not.

  2. Empty conference rooms attract squatters, making it look like no rooms are available.

  3. If there is more than one conference room, there is always confusion as to which meeting is being held where.

  4. No one has a clue as to whether they have too many or too few meeting spaces or if they are appropriately sized.

You probably have a few other facts you could add.

Fortunately, these issues and others can be addressed through a meeting room booking solution with real-time informational displays outside each meeting space.

We have a very short list of excellent enterprise-grade booking solutions we recommend. However, some of our clients get squeamish when it comes to the wiring needed to install the displays.

If you count yourself among the squeamish, take heart. Our list of recommended room booking solutions just increased by one.

The new arrival hit the market at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. Recognized as one of the show’s top innovative technologies, it now has a three-year, real-world track record with nearly 1 million users.

At this point, we feel It has reached a level of maturity where it can make sense for some of our clients.

Its name? Joan. Seriously that’s it – Joan.

Joan is a completely wireless meeting room booking solution that’s ready to go, virtually right out of the box. It works as an extension of enterprise calendaring systems, including Exchange, Outlook, Office 365, iCalendar and Google Apps for Work. For end-users, this means a near-zero learning curve.

The innovation is seen immediately in the elegant electronic-paper displays mounted outside of huddle spaces, conference/meeting rooms, class/training rooms, etc. They are battery-operated and wireless, letting you mount them ANYWHERE. They look great…even on glass walls.

Joan wireless meeting room booking

The displays are available in two footprints: six- or 13-inch. Their content is fully customizable, and all display set-up, administration and room analytics are done through a secure web portal. The battery life on the six-inch display is up to 12 weeks. The battery life of the 13-inch display is rated at up to a year. Re-charging is through a micro-USB cable.

It goes without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway: Joan requires Wi-Fi. The displays are just that – displays. All of the data and work is done on a server – either yours or Joan’s.

If you’re supporting more than one meeting space, you know you can benefit from a room booking solution. Whatever your excuse is for not pulling the trigger, Joan can likely address it…and completely demolish your age-old facts of life in the process.

Which is a good thing. Isn’t it?


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