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The Saving Grace of the Huddle Space

Technology has become so pervasive that we are constantly finding ourselves connected to the world from our pockets.

For people working remotely, it is imperative to have the ability to conduct business by using whatever technology happens to be closest at hand. This has meant a break from relying on corporate-issued technology and the ushering in of a new era known as “bring your own device” (BYOD). It is enabling people to be interactive with information, ideas and content from wherever they happen to be.

However, BYOD is no longer just the domain of those working outside of the corporate walls. It is now being played out right within the offices and buildings of companies large and small. This is perhaps best exemplified by the rapidly growing corporate phenomenon known as “huddle spaces.” They are quickly becoming THE place where companies are finding great success in moving their business forward.

To anyone who has ever felt the burden of a double-booked boardroom, or held a meeting of six people in training rooms that will seat 50, here at ExhibitOne we feel your pain. It is a time and resource killer.

Huddle rooms offer flexibility in a uniform design. Built to be truly versatile, they encompass many new collaboration-based audiovisual (AV) technologies that can leverage BYOD technology to give small, inexpensive workspaces the full capabilities of most boardrooms.

The huddle space provides the needed line of communication when it’s needed most –immediately. Rooms are equipped to service many corporate settings from video conferencing and training overflow to project planning sessions.

As we draw closer to the merging of AV and IT, we will continue to see more capabilities, greater ease of use and lower costs in creating huddle spaces throughout a company’s facilities. Let ExhibitOne help.


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