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Unified Communications and Collaboration

Optimizing business processes and increasing user productivity through unified communication. Unlike many other objectives on your plate for the New Year, this may be the easiest to achieve.

Unified communication is a concept that is 20+ years in the making. It’s a technology environment that provides users with a consistent and unified interface and experience across multiple devices and platforms.

One of the best examples of unified communications is just now hitting the market with the introduction of Crestron Flex. More than communications, what’s important for many of our clients, it greatly simplifies and thereby improves employee collaboration.

Here are the three things we like most:

Simple to use: Users can walk into any company huddle space, conference room, board room or even auditorium and have one-touch connectivity with the room’s presentation/communications equipment. It works the same whether you are walking into the room with a Windows, Android, Mac or iOS device. Connectivity is wired or wireless.

Simple to integrate: The system directly connects to Microsoft Exchange and Office 365, making it simple and fast for employees to find and reserve available meeting spaces. This can be done through a mobile device, at a workstation or even in a conference room. And the system returns rooms to inventory when employees are no-shows.

Highly secure: Crestron Flex is all built on a highly secure, infinitely scalable IoT (internet of things) platform. It enables you to quickly deploy, proactively manage and monitor the technology anywhere in your business (anywhere in the world, for that matter) through a standard web browser.

Additionally, Creston Flex natively supports the most popular third-party unified communications platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and Zoom.

Crestron Flex offers great hardware tech as well, including:

  1. An advanced voice-over-IP desk phone. It natively runs Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business and includes a 7-inch touch screen.

  2. A meeting room hub (Flex M100) provides one-touch (wired or wireless) connectivity for calling, presenting or videoconferencing.

  3. The Crestron Flex soundbar (B100) is amazing. It’s front-of-the-room wall-mount form factor provides exceptional sound (especially voices), excellent microphone coverage and an integrated 4K camera with numerous key features.

Does Creston Flex sound interesting to you as well? Why not see it, hear it and try it for real? You can by just giving us a call.


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