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Wireless Presentation Systems

No one wants their company to look like a dinosaur. That’s why many invest in hi-tech looking lobbies and reception areas. It’s why boardrooms and conference rooms are decked out with large high-resolution monitors, quality audio systems and flexible video conferencing solutions.

But, even with all of that, there’s nothing that screams “old school” louder than a bunch of cables sprouting up from a table. They’re just tangled up there waiting for presenters to find the one that will match their laptops.

Presentations just don’t happen that way anymore. Fiddling with display cables doesn’t have a place in today’s huddle spaces, conference rooms, boardrooms, classrooms or courtrooms.

For one thing, people are showing up to meetings with information stored on phones and tablets of all descriptions. There isn’t an HDMI port among any of them. And even laptops don’t all connect the same way (but I probably don’t have to tell you that). And for many companies, while presentations still have their place, the name of the game is collaboration – people working together, collectively sharing information.

Today’s presentation environments are being driven by wireless presentation systems. They create their own Wi-Fi-enabled ecosystem that provides any meeting space with a number of great benefits.

Collaboration – Wireless presentation systems enable presentations to be shared through attendees’ devices and attendees can share their information as well. Depending on the system, up to 32 or even 64 people can bring their own Wi-Fi-enabled device into a meeting and share content with others in the room (and remotely). In fact, with systems like Crestron’s Airmedia, content from up to four devices can be up on the meeting room monitor/screen at the same time. (Try THAT with a cable.)

Productivity – Going hand-in-hand with collaboration is productivity. It’s the difference between serial and parallel processing. Cable-based presentation hook-ups lend themselves to one presenter, one idea at one time (serial). Wireless presentations enable multiple, simultaneous information inputs to be in play at any one time, enabling a lot to get done.

Easy – If nothing else…this is it. Connectivity is in just seconds – no matter what the device or its manufacturer. The risk of an outside presenter coming into your company and not being able to connect their device to your presentation system is approximately zero.

Secure – The wireless presentation environment is completely isolated from your company network (wireless or otherwise). This eliminates any security concerns from people bringing their own devices into the session or using devices from other companies (which are governed by different security standards).

Like a lot of technologies in our industry, there are many different options when it comes to wireless presentation systems. Crestron’s AirMedia and Barco’s WePresent solutions seem to match the sweet spots for many of our clients. But your specific requirements may call for other capabilities.

The easiest way to find out what works best is to give us a call. We are happy to take a look at your presentation environments and match them with the most appropriate wireless presentation solutions. No cables attached.


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